“Book Cover”

September 26, 2012 § Leave a comment

I like to make fake book covers for my stories, even before I write them. I’m a very visual person and it helps me to feel out the mood of the story when I made a visual representation of it. Here is the one I made for this year’s Nanowrimo story:


It’s funny, but even though I’ve developed a great deal more of the story since I made this image, it still matches the tone of this picture; I think even more so based on what I’ve added or taken away from the setting and plot.

I looked up “Shadowland” on Goodreads and it was a little depressing how many results came back for it. I shouldn’t be surprised because it’s a pretty cool title. I’ll keep it anyway, at least as the working title.


Setting the mood

September 24, 2012 § 2 Comments

Wind from the Sea

Andrew Wyeth – Wind from the Sea, 1947

The tone I’m going for in the story can essentially be summed up in Andrew Wyeth’s painting “Wind from the Sea.” When I look at this painting there is a calm bleakness and inevitability in the muted colors and path leading into the line of dark trees in the distance.

Despite this, the feeling of motion in the curtains hints at a more dynamic scene than would first appear, and brings a small ray of hope into an otherwise somber setting.

To conclude Day one

November 1, 2009 § 3 Comments


I made pretty good headway today, although I was almost stopped in my tracks when trying to come up with names and more plot. I still don’t know if there is a whole novel in my plot idea.

It’s definitely going to be a story that jumps forward and backward in time. I have also come up with a title.

The Condition of the Shadow

Taken from my sister’s Egyptian homework. It sounded cool. Well, I hope I can keep my momentum through Day 2!

Another Title Change

October 18, 2007 § Leave a comment

I’m being assaulted by inspiration on all sides this week. I hope it continues through November (although that could wreak havoc on my plotline, since it usually involves me changing stuff around). As the heading suggests, I changed my title…again.

Sodium Lights

That’s the new title. I didn’t exactly think of it, I went to a student composition concert last night and that was the name of one of the pieces. It was a really trippy piece that was supposed to ‘create a 3-d image of sound’ or something like that. My first thought was “Congratulations, you have invented surround sound!”

Maybe it was because I was thinking about my story a lot, but the music really created the environment I wanted in my novel. So it sounded like you were looking down a long deserted street late at night with the crickets buzzing and your skin crawling and the sodium lights (which is what street lights are, who knew?) casting their cold impersonal glow down on you. It captured a feeling, and I loved that. Nobody else I was with liked it though. I probably wouldn’t have liked it either if it hadn’t fit my story so perfectly. So in honor of that, a title change, which I think fits the novel better. I’m very excited about it.

I’ll post a character list and notes later.

Working Title

October 17, 2007 § Leave a comment

Okay, the working title for my novel at the moment is In Passing.

I’m hoping to have cameos of characters I’d like to possibly expand upon in the future, and there will be a lot of situations happening that are only observed in passing. Or something. I just like the sound of it, okay?

I’m having a hard time just sitting down and planning stuff because people keep walking up to where I am. I write in my notebook in the bus shelter, and someone comes up and sits next to me. They probably can’t see anything I write, but I’m paranoid that way. And frankly embarrassed to be writing a vampire story.

Currently I’ve set up shop at Espresso Royale down by the Union, but it’s crowded so I can’t have my back against the wall. The closest thing is a table five feet from anyone around me. And still I find myself looking over my shoulder.

Hard to believe it’s only two weeks away, isn’t it?

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