It’s a jungle in here

October 4, 2012 § Leave a comment

Here’s an excerpt from my daily writing. I thought I might show a peek of the world I’m working on.

The boundaries between their community and the beginnings of the city were unmistakable. Squat concrete buildings gave way to multilevel dwellings in various states of decay as the termite-infested skeletons collapsed onto themselves. Long vines of ivy pulled the buildings into the earth like giant arms, twisting and twining in rain spouts and broken windows. The structures seemed less affected as they moved closer to the city center, perhaps because the broken concrete had only begun to give way to the insistent call of the natural world. Many places were completely devoid of plant life, but still the decay was evident in the crumbling facades of stores exposed to years of the elements with no one to care. The tallest buildings which seemed to stretch up to the clouds had once been covered in glass, which now lay in various sized shards in the streets up to two blocks away. The result was remarkably like the skeleton of a giant snake stood on end.


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