Not much to report

October 3, 2012 § Leave a comment

I haven’t been doing anything particularly new the past few days, just more character development via short stories in addition to biting my nails and wondering if my story concept is really any good. It’s a weird part of my psyche that basically goes “I love it, this is the best most original thing ever! No wait, I hate it, it’s stupid and has been done to death. Move on!” Kind of makes it difficult to decide one way or the other if my brain is telling me both.

It bothers me that I still can’t really summarize the story very well. I know all the parts but trying to put them into words just sounds silly. There are also multiple scenarios that I haven’t ruled out yet which could take the story in a few different directions. I think I just shouldn’t worry about it yet, but that’s easier said than done…

Nano boot camp is also going well, I wrote 1500 words in about an hour.


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