Two days of thoughts (aka catching up)

September 23, 2012 § Leave a comment

From Saturday:

My fingers are moving as slow as snails while my mind races faster than I can keep up. I’ve had quite a bit of time to think about the structure of my story. I find it has become an amalgam of several different storylines that appeal to me, and I hope that in itself will be enough to make it somewhat unique. What I really need to do is stop worrying about whether something is a cliche or not. Even if it is, I can always tweak it later to help it along. The big ideas are always the same and just a little creativity can separate it from the pack.

Like my sister says, “Everything you want to do has already been done a hundred times before, so don’t worry about it and just do it!”

I’ve been thinking of actions that can be taken more than one way. Something as simple as a look of surprise and the exclamation “..but you’re dead!” could mean the person was the would-be murderer shocked at his victim’s survival, or the lover who was told the victim was dead and is simply experiencing the shock of the dead coming back to life. Two very different standpoints but through the eyes of a another character they could seem similar. And that gives me some wiggle room to manipulate the storyline as it develops. I don’t want to be too vague because that is a dead giveaway. I need to find the right way to convince the audience that one of the statements is true but not the other so I can totally blow them out of the water with a revelation later on in the story. I know that doesn’t work on everyone because some people are crazy good at guessing the outcomes of stories. But in general the theory holds.

Written today:

Trying to be creative is exhausting! Inevitably, I wonder how much I’m over-thinking it. I’ve seen what happens to writers who over plan every little interaction. It sounds about as natural as a child’s haltingly memorized lines in a school play. But trying to plan out twists in a plot is a harrowing and altogether new experience for me (previously I’ve been more of a ‘fly by the seat of my pants’ kind of writer). I feel as though I’m adding and adding and twisting and twisting until it no longer resembles the plot I came up with, and I wonder if that is a good or bad thing since the original plot is not in fact a unique one by any stretch.

I’ve also discovered I freeze up writing in certain situations. I was at the clay studio thinking I could just sit back and plunk on my keyboard with no problem. The first of many problems was Adele’s horrible throaty voice constantly in my ear thanks to someone’s terrible taste in music. The next was that the comfortable chair I’m used to disappeared, leaving only hard wooden stools in its place. I sat at the computer, flipping through screens idly; reading other people’s writing and feeling too self-conscious to write any of my own. There was someone who kept walking behind me and I felt like they were staring over my shoulder to read what was on my screen. I’m sure that wasn’t the case but it’s unnerving nonetheless.


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