Day 6 – je pense

November 6, 2009 § Leave a comment

I broke the 10k mark a few minutes ago. I was in the middle of a flow and so I barely noticed it go by. Up until then the writing was like pulling teeth out of my own brain. It’s especially hard when the family is watching a movie in the motel room I’m staying in. So distracting!

I wrote the second time jump of the story. Right now it goes future-past-future-past. The future sections are much shorter than the past ones. I think they will jump all over different years, since there are about 10-20 years that are a part of ‘the future’. The ‘past’ is pretty much set in no longer than a 5 year span.

The future is written in present third person tense, except for a few paragraphs when I forgot and started using past. The past is always written in past tense.

Present tense is probably my favorite one to write in. It keeps me focused on where the character is in time and space, and really helps with describing places and thoughts and feelings. Someday I want to write something entirely in that tense, because it is fantastic.


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