Day 3 – let’s talk about characters

November 3, 2009 § Leave a comment

Taking a break from writing to…well, write some more, I guess. Today was a slow writing day. I have finished the 5,000 words needed for today, although I hope to add on a few hundred more or so before the day is over. The rest of the week will be a good writing time since I only have two classes each day and I get out fairly early. Mondays and Tuesdays are always the worst, but I made it!

What I mean when I say it was a slow writing day was that I slowed my writing down. It’s partly a defense mechanism, trying to avoid writing about this plot that is not even half-baked yet, but it’s mostly because I realized as I was writing that I have very little description, either of scenery or characters, in places where it really should be. So I’m introducing the characters, although hopefully not in a completely lame way. I just placed them in a location where they would likely go in the morning and just have them look around and notice things and just generally go about their day. Admittedly, it’s not the most riveting thing in the world, but it has actually helped me to develop my characters’ personalities.

I know that sounds like a completely elementary concept, but I’ve always believed that the personality of a character should be brought out in their actions, and not discussed. That has the unfortunate side effect of a completely cardboard personality until that happens. I’m trying to feel them out earlier in the story this time, so I can hopefully delve further into their psyches than I have ever gone before.

There are about three main characters who are the focus of the story as it stands right now. I’ve just finished following the first one around, and have moved on to the second. In my mind, it feels as though the story is dragging, but I know that it will read much quicker than it writes. It is also better to have to take stuff out than add stuff in. There is my wisdom for the night. This is 367 words that I should have been adding to my story.


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