A Month of Villainy

May 27, 2008 § Leave a comment

Month of VillainyThe month of June has been declared ‘Villain Month’ by elizaw. This sounds like the perfect way to kick start the writing process. Developing characters is by far my favorite part of writing any story. In fact, I often get more absorbed in the stories of minor side characters than I do in the actual MCs.

Villains are always a challenge. I don’t know if it’s just the difficulty of relating to them or the reluctance to think on their level. I know that a book is much more enjoyable to read when there is a complex and subtle villain in place. So why not strive to achieve that in my own writing?

I’ll try to come up with a more organized form as June draws nearer, but in the meantime, here is a list of some of the topics I’ll be considering (I’m having fun with this already!)…

  • Black sheep of the family: villains or just misunderstood anti-heroes?
  • How to develop the modern henchman
  • The Boss: make them live up to their reputation, dammit!
  • Villains as humans versus non-humans

I’m also trying to work on setting and description, so I’ll try to incorporate that into the writings. More to come as the date draws nearer!


First thoughts on Nanowrimo 2008

May 23, 2008 § 7 Comments

I’m going to try and do it again this year. I started re-reading my 2007 novel (which I still haven’t finished, although I know the ending). I really liked my earlier stuff, but I can definitely tell when I started to panic and put in stuff just to fill the empty spaces.

I also learned halfway through the month that vampires are some of the lamest monsters out there. I was annoyed with them even as I wrote them. Plus it’s embarassing when I’m asked what kind of novel I wrote, to have to say “It’s a vampire novel”, and then get those looks. You know the ones.

My 2008 novel will be entirely devoid of vampires, I’m happy to say. What will be in it? That’s a little hazier. My stories are built around the characters that are in them, and hopefully some kind of plot forms around that. I’ve had a couple of ideas bopping around in my head.

The strongest idea so far involves this tagline (it sounds like it came straight from Ellery Queen, but this is my rough beginning sketch).

Emelina/Emalina/Imolina/Imalina (haven’t figured out the spelling of the name yet) as an aging private detective looking to get out of the business with all her limbs intact, although the last case she takes before retirement proves to be anything but simple.

I’ve always been a fan of feisty old ladies, and so why not write one for myself? I can’t bring myself to leave the fantasy/alternate reality/scifi genre yet, so there will be some kind of magic or futuristic stuff involved. Because as a friend said: everything’s better in space!

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