Some more history notes

October 28, 2007 § Leave a comment

Here is the story of how Nina got turned. I got pedophile chills from writing this, even though there’s nothing overtly happening. It’s all in the undertones.

 I smile as I remember the warnings about getting into strange cars with strange men. It all seems funny now, but being a vampire doesn’t necessarily exclude you from the rules. I was taking a risk, allowing a strange vampire this close to my sleeping place. To Mathias, the only one who passed for family to me.

Family…I would be 40 years old today, had I lived. Had I not seen the gaunt, forlorn child standing along in a crowd, so close to tears, and felt the compulsion to help him. I was 20 and a naïve idiot, and never thought to wonder why his grip was unnaturally tight, how he seemed to know exactly where he was going, and why he smiled like that in the alley when he asked me to lean down so he could tell me something.

“Fool” was what he said as I felt the fangs sink in, and his hand held my head in an iron grip. I didn’t even struggle, didn’t make a noise, but just wondered stupidly, why? My vision was blurring, going red around the edges when he pulled back and smiled at me, a thin line of blood dribbling down his chin. “I like you Nina. Would you stay with me if I asked?” I tried to focus my eyes while wondering why he was asking such a stupid question to a dying person. Words wouldn’t come even if I had known what to say, so I just smiled back at him. He really was a beautiful boy.

Suddenly, as if he had come to an important decision, he clapped his hands in front of my face, and I fell back against the wall of the alley and decided that it wasn’t such a bad way to die, the pain was gone, replaced by a numbness that was almost pleasant. The boy appeared over me again and seemed to be gnawing at his hand until it bled and then bringing it to my lips. The first drops burned as they hit my tongue, but the suddenness of feeling was intoxicating, and I wanted more. I wanted to feel again. I bit down to make the blood come faster, and my eyes locked with his. They were brighter than any eyes I’d ever seen before. An old man’s eyes.

After a while he pulled his hand away, and when I reached for it again, he snarled and backhanded me sharply. I hit the pavement, but suddenly it seemed different than before. It seemed…more…

I turned over and retched before I could form a coherent thought. The blood rejected everything inside me, purging it into the street. I tried to take a breath, gasping, drowning…

“It’s all right, it will all be over soon,” a voice soothed, and a hand lightly touched my back. It was familiar, but something had changed. I sensed the power behind the words. Once the spasms lessened, I turned my head to see the boy kneeling beside me; only he was much more than that now. He brushed my hair back from my face and wiped his sleeve across my mouth.

Mathias was his name, he said as he rested his small forehead against my own.

“Mathias,” I whispered hoarsely.

“Yes.” He kissed me softly, swiftly, and told me what I was.


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