Mr HJ Weston does not approve

October 23, 2007 § Leave a comment

I loved this one character I made during the time of this roleplaying game, which is now the basis of my new story. I’m still not sure what kind of purpose he was supposed to serve, but it tickled me to make a CPA for the vampires of the city…

I’m posting some Very Old writings that describe him and his place of business, more as a reference for the future, so I don’t have to go rooting around in the LJ comm while I’m supposed to be typing.

We were in an area of the downtown district. I had been here several times before with Mathias, taking care of affairs. The storefronts here were immaculate and aloof. I was afraid to even let the man’s blood sully the street.

One store was not dark. It was a small, squashed-looking building crammed in between a boutique and a gourmet restaurant. I saw the faint yellow glow behind the heavy curtains and under the crack in the door. The sign read: “Offices of H.J. Weston: CPA”

Siren and I gently lay the body on the steps, taking care to make certain the blood was dried and would not stain. Mr. H.J. Weston hated stains. Siren looked confused, but said nothing as I climbed the stairs and knocked three times softly.

“Business hours are from 9 to 5. Please come back later,” answered the familiar, aristocratic voice. I started banging on the door loudly.

It flew open to reveal the severe figure of Mr. Weston himself, manager of the business affairs of half the vampires in Glass City.
“Ah, Nina. Mathias told me you might be coming around.” He glanced surreptitiously past me. “And you have brought a friend?”

“Two, actually,” I told him, stepping aside to reveal the body on the steps. He looked at it in distaste.

“I trust this is an emergency? My business does not exist solely to store your used carcasses.”

“It’s only temporary. I’ll have it out of there by tomorrow. You said Mathias was expecting me to come here?”

“Yes, to settle your accounts. But we should not speak outside, when your…friends…need assistance. Please come in, and mind the walls.”

Mr. H.J. Weston’s office was a thing of beauty. The dark wood paneling shone in the places you could see; most of the wall space was covered in bookshelves that reached floor to ceiling. The windows were covered with heavy drapes to ensure no sunlight would penetrate during the day. From all appearances, one could easily mistake Mr. Weston for a vampire. He went to great lengths to ensure that his clients felt at ease, and he had subconsciously taken on a pseudo-vampiric lifestyle himself.

The body was safely stored in the basement freezer, kept for such occasions. Mr. Weston liked to be prepared for everything.

“I have been informed of your…situation,” he said, after he had motioned for Siren and me to take a seat. The other vampire looked plainly suspicious, but reluctantly sank into a chair. “Mathias arranged for a substantial portion of his assets to be set aside in your name. Now, I will need you to sign—”

“No. I’m not signing anything.” The look on Mr. Weston’s face as I said it was the closest I’d ever seen him come to a real expression. He folded his hands on his desk, annoyed at my interruption and the potential paperwork I was going to put him through.

That guy cracks me up.


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