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I think I should probably muse a little bit on the setting of my novel, since description is something I need to work on. There’s some plot mixed in as well…

Glass City is, obviously, a city that boasts a long fruitful history. It was originally a town created for the workers of a glassworks factory, established by the Kaltblutig family (can’t get umlauts to work, there’s supposed to be one over the ‘u’). The family remains to this day one of the most influential forces in the affairs of the city.

Located on the edge of a large lake that feeds into the ocean, the harbor has long been a means of trading and recently, the location of several successful dinner cruise lines. A river that feeds into the lake splits the city in half, although numerous bridges line the banks. The police regularly drag the river for people who ‘go missing’.

In recent years, Glass City has developed a thriving nightlife, thanks in part to the Underground, nearly a city in itself that is housed completely below ground. Subway systems crisscross the city and converge in the Underground, where clubs, retail, and even residences are located.

Very few of the people who work in GC actually live within the city limits. Most prefer to stay in the suburbs and commute. Those that live in the city are often transient, vampires, or both.

The present time is one of upheaval and revolution. William Kaltblutig, the controversial mayor of GC, was an advocate for vampire rights, endearing him to the undead population while isolating him from the human constituent. He was recently assasinated, his replacement has the opposite mindset. The police have been given more authority in the employment of hunters. To soften his image, he has declared vampirism a disease, and has created a department in charge of finding a cure.

This turn of events has made the vampires of the city suspicious and touchy, especially around their own kind. Some have turned others in to save their own skins. Sires no longer trust their children, even going so far as killing them to protect their locations and secrets.


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