Character outlines

October 19, 2007 § Leave a comment

I’m writing these off the top of my head, so I can’t be responsible for any errors. These are also subject to change at a moment’s notice. These aren’t all of them, either.

Nina (MC) – vampire, turned at ~20, has been a vampire for ~20 years, would be in 40s now. Young, inexperienced, has big ideas that are brushed off by older vampires. Doesn’t have much use for the ‘old ones’ and avoids them when she can. Was very isolated by her sire and so does not have many contacts in the city.

Emily Black (co-MC?) – sister of Nina, was 10 when she was turned, ~30 now (aren’t I so exact with ages?). Profiler for the police dept (GCPD). Works up profiles to catch vampires. She is called ‘detective’ even though she isn’t one because she’s obsessed with finding her sister’s killer. That’s the reason she came to the city. She’s married and has a kid, and is one of the few living people who lives as well as works in the city.

Pup Brown – No one can remember his first name, he’s always called Pup. Friendly low-ranking police officer who helps out Emily by doing some fact-checking when he’s not writing out parking tickets or directing traffic. It’s strange how much he can find out when others can’t, which leads Emily to believe he uses more than police channels.

Luke – Emily’s mentor, retired police officer who handled Nina’s case.

Mathias – Nina’s sire. He’s an old vampire, but not established in GC, like Kaltblutig. He appears to be an 11-year old boy.

The Woman in Blue – a vampire hunter who inadvertently saved Nina’s life, and now is hunting her.


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