Another Title Change

October 18, 2007 § Leave a comment

I’m being assaulted by inspiration on all sides this week. I hope it continues through November (although that could wreak havoc on my plotline, since it usually involves me changing stuff around). As the heading suggests, I changed my title…again.

Sodium Lights

That’s the new title. I didn’t exactly think of it, I went to a student composition concert last night and that was the name of one of the pieces. It was a really trippy piece that was supposed to ‘create a 3-d image of sound’ or something like that. My first thought was “Congratulations, you have invented surround sound!”

Maybe it was because I was thinking about my story a lot, but the music really created the environment I wanted in my novel. So it sounded like you were looking down a long deserted street late at night with the crickets buzzing and your skin crawling and the sodium lights (which is what street lights are, who knew?) casting their cold impersonal glow down on you. It captured a feeling, and I loved that. Nobody else I was with liked it though. I probably wouldn’t have liked it either if it hadn’t fit my story so perfectly. So in honor of that, a title change, which I think fits the novel better. I’m very excited about it.

I’ll post a character list and notes later.


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