New Plan

October 15, 2007 § Leave a comment

I’m having a thought. Not sure if I’ll actually run with it yet.

I’m thinking of changing my story. I’m considering this move because I’m not sure I can run with my current one for 50,000 words. I have rounded out my side characters, but my MC is baffling me. He’s completely blank, and I can’t seem to give him a personality no matter how hard I try. I think that is what tripped me up last year (besides the fact that I only had a rudimentary idea of what my story would be). My main character had no distinct personality.

My friends and I had this story-based RPG going for a few years, and during that time I developed a pretty complex character, although much of that was not involved directly in the plotline of the game. And then I made another one. So now there’s a new story brewing in my head, one that gets me very excited.

I have never been a fan of vampire novels, although when I think about it, I’ve read quite a few of them. I almost always walk away thinking: I could do so much better. Well, here’s a chance to put my money where my mouth is and try to write this ‘better novel’ for Nano.

A detective who specializes in profiling vampires tries to track down the one who murdered her sister 20 years ago.


A young atypical vampire tries to make a niche for herself in a city of hostile peers while trying to come to terms with a life she thought she left behind.

God, it sounds so lame when I write it, but it has possibilities. I’m debating whether I want to have it be just from the POV of the detective or also her sister, who is a vampire (oh no, I just ruined the surprise twist!). Or maybe entirely from the sister’s point of view, since the vampire was my original RP character. This requires more coffee and thought…


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