I wonder how much I should write here

October 14, 2007 § Leave a comment

I have so may dilemmas about my nano story, and none of them involve the actual plot or characters. It’s mostly a question of how much I want to post about them before the event itself starts, which is a silly thing to worry about since it doesn’t really matter.

Things are changing daily about what I want to include in the stories. I started making a list, since there are a few points that I want to include for sure. After (too much) debate, I decided to post it on here. What the hell.


  • Terrorists (don’t ask)
  • a cafe that leads somewhere
  • inanimate objects that talk to someone
  • a healthy dose of crazy
  • utopian society that eventually falls into chaos
  • subtle villains
  • 2 characters whose roles are not as they appear

The more I plan this out, the more it seems like a political commentary. Except not really since I don’t know that much about politics. Maybe more a study of the human condition. It’s funny, because I started out with the aspiration to create a world as lively and thoroughly enjoyable as JK Rowling’s. Who knows if I’ll actually succeed in that.

On an unrelated note, I have several beginnings to some smut pieces that are staring at me from my drafts. I’ll have to let them fester for a while until I decide to do something with them.


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