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Just as a side note, I’ll be writing from two characters’ perspectives in this novel. I normally don’t like to do that when I’m writing, because it feels like a cop-out when you can move between points of view. I don’t like reading books like that very much either, unless it works really well. But seeing as this is Nano, and my goal is to write like hell, I need to have a backup plan if my main MC deserts me. Also, I’m following the kind of timeline that has to be told from two different people’s points of view.

I’ll be focusing on Nina, my main character, and writing her as I always have, in first person perspective unless I decide otherwise. I’ll also write from Emily’s point of view in the third person. I think that will help break it up a bit and emphasize the difference in views. And it’ll give me something to keep my interest. I don’t want to become bored of my story halfway through November.


Drawing Near

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I’m a little worried about my lack of clear outline for my story. I have the basic conflicts, large and small, characters, and a general idea of what I want to happen. But that still leaves a lot of blank spaces.

I started making an outline of some scenes I wanted to include, and they’re awfully short. I’ll be working hardcore on description, I can tell.

With 12 hours to go, it’s exciting and nerve wracking. I hope I can make it!

Some more history notes

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Here is the story of how Nina got turned. I got pedophile chills from writing this, even though there’s nothing overtly happening. It’s all in the undertones.

 I smile as I remember the warnings about getting into strange cars with strange men. It all seems funny now, but being a vampire doesn’t necessarily exclude you from the rules. I was taking a risk, allowing a strange vampire this close to my sleeping place. To Mathias, the only one who passed for family to me.

Family…I would be 40 years old today, had I lived. Had I not seen the gaunt, forlorn child standing along in a crowd, so close to tears, and felt the compulsion to help him. I was 20 and a naïve idiot, and never thought to wonder why his grip was unnaturally tight, how he seemed to know exactly where he was going, and why he smiled like that in the alley when he asked me to lean down so he could tell me something.

“Fool” was what he said as I felt the fangs sink in, and his hand held my head in an iron grip. I didn’t even struggle, didn’t make a noise, but just wondered stupidly, why? My vision was blurring, going red around the edges when he pulled back and smiled at me, a thin line of blood dribbling down his chin. “I like you Nina. Would you stay with me if I asked?” I tried to focus my eyes while wondering why he was asking such a stupid question to a dying person. Words wouldn’t come even if I had known what to say, so I just smiled back at him. He really was a beautiful boy.

Suddenly, as if he had come to an important decision, he clapped his hands in front of my face, and I fell back against the wall of the alley and decided that it wasn’t such a bad way to die, the pain was gone, replaced by a numbness that was almost pleasant. The boy appeared over me again and seemed to be gnawing at his hand until it bled and then bringing it to my lips. The first drops burned as they hit my tongue, but the suddenness of feeling was intoxicating, and I wanted more. I wanted to feel again. I bit down to make the blood come faster, and my eyes locked with his. They were brighter than any eyes I’d ever seen before. An old man’s eyes.

After a while he pulled his hand away, and when I reached for it again, he snarled and backhanded me sharply. I hit the pavement, but suddenly it seemed different than before. It seemed…more…

I turned over and retched before I could form a coherent thought. The blood rejected everything inside me, purging it into the street. I tried to take a breath, gasping, drowning…

“It’s all right, it will all be over soon,” a voice soothed, and a hand lightly touched my back. It was familiar, but something had changed. I sensed the power behind the words. Once the spasms lessened, I turned my head to see the boy kneeling beside me; only he was much more than that now. He brushed my hair back from my face and wiped his sleeve across my mouth.

Mathias was his name, he said as he rested his small forehead against my own.

“Mathias,” I whispered hoarsely.

“Yes.” He kissed me softly, swiftly, and told me what I was.

Mr HJ Weston does not approve

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I loved this one character I made during the time of this roleplaying game, which is now the basis of my new story. I’m still not sure what kind of purpose he was supposed to serve, but it tickled me to make a CPA for the vampires of the city…

I’m posting some Very Old writings that describe him and his place of business, more as a reference for the future, so I don’t have to go rooting around in the LJ comm while I’m supposed to be typing.

We were in an area of the downtown district. I had been here several times before with Mathias, taking care of affairs. The storefronts here were immaculate and aloof. I was afraid to even let the man’s blood sully the street.

One store was not dark. It was a small, squashed-looking building crammed in between a boutique and a gourmet restaurant. I saw the faint yellow glow behind the heavy curtains and under the crack in the door. The sign read: “Offices of H.J. Weston: CPA”

Siren and I gently lay the body on the steps, taking care to make certain the blood was dried and would not stain. Mr. H.J. Weston hated stains. Siren looked confused, but said nothing as I climbed the stairs and knocked three times softly.

“Business hours are from 9 to 5. Please come back later,” answered the familiar, aristocratic voice. I started banging on the door loudly.

It flew open to reveal the severe figure of Mr. Weston himself, manager of the business affairs of half the vampires in Glass City.
“Ah, Nina. Mathias told me you might be coming around.” He glanced surreptitiously past me. “And you have brought a friend?”

“Two, actually,” I told him, stepping aside to reveal the body on the steps. He looked at it in distaste.

“I trust this is an emergency? My business does not exist solely to store your used carcasses.”

“It’s only temporary. I’ll have it out of there by tomorrow. You said Mathias was expecting me to come here?”

“Yes, to settle your accounts. But we should not speak outside, when your…friends…need assistance. Please come in, and mind the walls.”

Mr. H.J. Weston’s office was a thing of beauty. The dark wood paneling shone in the places you could see; most of the wall space was covered in bookshelves that reached floor to ceiling. The windows were covered with heavy drapes to ensure no sunlight would penetrate during the day. From all appearances, one could easily mistake Mr. Weston for a vampire. He went to great lengths to ensure that his clients felt at ease, and he had subconsciously taken on a pseudo-vampiric lifestyle himself.

The body was safely stored in the basement freezer, kept for such occasions. Mr. Weston liked to be prepared for everything.

“I have been informed of your…situation,” he said, after he had motioned for Siren and me to take a seat. The other vampire looked plainly suspicious, but reluctantly sank into a chair. “Mathias arranged for a substantial portion of his assets to be set aside in your name. Now, I will need you to sign—”

“No. I’m not signing anything.” The look on Mr. Weston’s face as I said it was the closest I’d ever seen him come to a real expression. He folded his hands on his desk, annoyed at my interruption and the potential paperwork I was going to put him through.

That guy cracks me up.


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I think I should probably muse a little bit on the setting of my novel, since description is something I need to work on. There’s some plot mixed in as well…

Glass City is, obviously, a city that boasts a long fruitful history. It was originally a town created for the workers of a glassworks factory, established by the Kaltblutig family (can’t get umlauts to work, there’s supposed to be one over the ‘u’). The family remains to this day one of the most influential forces in the affairs of the city.

Located on the edge of a large lake that feeds into the ocean, the harbor has long been a means of trading and recently, the location of several successful dinner cruise lines. A river that feeds into the lake splits the city in half, although numerous bridges line the banks. The police regularly drag the river for people who ‘go missing’.

In recent years, Glass City has developed a thriving nightlife, thanks in part to the Underground, nearly a city in itself that is housed completely below ground. Subway systems crisscross the city and converge in the Underground, where clubs, retail, and even residences are located.

Very few of the people who work in GC actually live within the city limits. Most prefer to stay in the suburbs and commute. Those that live in the city are often transient, vampires, or both.

The present time is one of upheaval and revolution. William Kaltblutig, the controversial mayor of GC, was an advocate for vampire rights, endearing him to the undead population while isolating him from the human constituent. He was recently assasinated, his replacement has the opposite mindset. The police have been given more authority in the employment of hunters. To soften his image, he has declared vampirism a disease, and has created a department in charge of finding a cure.

This turn of events has made the vampires of the city suspicious and touchy, especially around their own kind. Some have turned others in to save their own skins. Sires no longer trust their children, even going so far as killing them to protect their locations and secrets.

Before November Hits

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I need to practice writing ~2000 words a day. That was what really tripped me up last year (well, one of many things). I would write 500 words and be absolutely spent, which is ridiculous.

So here’s what I’m thinking. I have an idea that has been bouncing around in my head for a short story, not Nano material at all. I think I’ll take the last week of October and try to write it out, writing at least 1667 words a day, or whatever the goal is. I need discipline, dammit! And also I need to get the idea out of my head because it’s interfering with my nano novel. Can’t have that!

I also need to think of a large plot for my novel. I have several small ones outlined, but I need to find something to pull them all together, in a “why do we care?” wrap-up. Something else to work on.

I also made a book cover for my story. Because that’s the most important part…

Sodium Lights Book Cover

Character outlines

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I’m writing these off the top of my head, so I can’t be responsible for any errors. These are also subject to change at a moment’s notice. These aren’t all of them, either.

Nina (MC) – vampire, turned at ~20, has been a vampire for ~20 years, would be in 40s now. Young, inexperienced, has big ideas that are brushed off by older vampires. Doesn’t have much use for the ‘old ones’ and avoids them when she can. Was very isolated by her sire and so does not have many contacts in the city.

Emily Black (co-MC?) – sister of Nina, was 10 when she was turned, ~30 now (aren’t I so exact with ages?). Profiler for the police dept (GCPD). Works up profiles to catch vampires. She is called ‘detective’ even though she isn’t one because she’s obsessed with finding her sister’s killer. That’s the reason she came to the city. She’s married and has a kid, and is one of the few living people who lives as well as works in the city.

Pup Brown – No one can remember his first name, he’s always called Pup. Friendly low-ranking police officer who helps out Emily by doing some fact-checking when he’s not writing out parking tickets or directing traffic. It’s strange how much he can find out when others can’t, which leads Emily to believe he uses more than police channels.

Luke – Emily’s mentor, retired police officer who handled Nina’s case.

Mathias – Nina’s sire. He’s an old vampire, but not established in GC, like Kaltblutig. He appears to be an 11-year old boy.

The Woman in Blue – a vampire hunter who inadvertently saved Nina’s life, and now is hunting her.

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