Day 2

November 2, 2006 § Leave a comment

I waited for the door to open, but the feet moved past, and the noise faded. I shifted in my seat, agitated. What had I done to get myself in a white room with no windows and only one chair?

My legs had been asleep, and I was just realizing this now as the pins stabbed my calves. Stretching them, I sucked in my breath. I was always a weakling when it came to discomfort. And this chair was damned uncomfortable.

I tried to remember where I had last been. Was it at work? A store? Where did I work, anyway? The more I was thinking, the more I realized how little I knew. What about my name? Did I remember that?

Alexa. Ok, this is progress. Maybe if I left the room I could recognize something out there. My shoes squeaked as I made my way over to the shadow on the wall. I pulled, and for one horrible instant nothing happened. Then I looked down and saw the small lettered sign reading “Push”. Today was not my day.

The hallway was just as painfully bright, but at least it seemed to go somewhere. I could see indentations where other doors stood on either side. My eyes were drawn to the door at the very end of the hall, because most doors at the ends of halls lead somewhere interesting. And it was painted black. This had to be some kind of practical joke. I was sure I had friends, and I was sure they would be the type to pull a stunt like this. Someone was going to jump out of that door at any minute and start laughing.

I saw no sign of the clicking shoes, so I proceeded cautiously. So far nothing was jogging my memory, but on the other hand, there wasn’t much to see. More white walls and white doors. Then a door opened. I had been expecting it, and I jumped and let out an undignified yelp. The man facing me was tall, dark, and imposing in his gray suit, a sleek briefcase tucked under one arm. He smiled at me.

“I apologize for leaving you alone for so long in there. Those rooms can be terribly uncomfortable.” He opened the case with a sharp snap and withdrew several documents from inside. “It looks like your paperwork is all in order, and now that everything is finished, we can get you started.” He started to continue, but must have noticed my blank stare. “Alexa? Are you feeling all right?”

“This is going to sound rude, but I have no idea who you are, or where this is,” I hoped he wasn’t going to laugh at me, because that just sounded a little crazy.

“Oh! I’m so sorry! I’m new at recruitment, so I’m not accustomed to this. How much do you remember?”

“Pretty much just my name. Am I sick or something?”


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